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ReVision 5: Home


Tina Vision 5: HomeReVisions on Home: 5

Hello Tina,

I absolutely loved the picture you snapped of Aidan at the fair! It brought back memories of the highly anticipated Deerfield Fair that I would go to each year when I was teaching in NH. All of my students would get SO adrenalized preparing for the fair and hoping they might win a blue ribbon. I personally loved the food and still treasure my straw cowgirl hat I bought so many years ago. I was thinking about my own fleeting memories of childhood and the special people in my life that made me feel at “home”. My grammy & Djat (Polish for grandfather) came to mind. I loved being at their house and spending time with them. They had an awesome tree in their backyard that my sisters and I liked to climb when we were kids. One of the arms of the tree had a swing and I remembered how alive and free I felt swinging. My ReVision is about this memory. All of the polka dots are about the whimsy of childhood and the flutters of time passing by….xoLaura

Dear Laura,

I did like that quote by John Cage about ‘home begins outside’.

Laura Vision 5: Home

I am definitely an outdoor kinda gal which has lead me on many adventures in the mountains hiking to the oceans kayaking and many in between.  Outside is where I feel most at home.  I find even sitting at this computer for too long gives me a twitch.  I have to get up and take a walk in some fresh air.  I am certainly not built to work in an office, I know that for sure.  This past weekend I took the boys to a park to run and jump and climb.  While there, I noticed the ever present bamboo in the park and remembered how my neighbors started growing some along our shared fence.  Now…. that plant has gotten out of control.  Be careful what you wish for when you plant bamboo! I have been reading a lot about Wabi Sabi and how it directly relates to my artwork as well as my sense of home. Seeing the bamboo in so many places around my home reminded me of this Japanese worldview. I will be writing a bit more about my upcoming art exhibit soon (next week once I have it all completed and hung).

For now here are some pictures of me making this in my studio today.  I used part of a painting you sent me a long time ago when we started thinking about jump starting a small collaborative mail art project (funny how we ended up doing a similar project here with our Vision/ReVision….inevitable I guess).   I also used a sepia India ink to create the simple brushstrokes similar to the Japanese brush paintings.

Take care,  Tina

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