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“jazzy leaf” mixed media 6 x 6 inches *original available HERE

Hi ya!

Last night was spent in part drooling over picture books and the many unique artists renderings. Some of the books I knew and loved and many were new to me. I must say It had been a long time since I had looked at an Ezra Jack Keats book! He is most known for his book, “The Snowy Day“. I was reminded how much can be learned looking and pondering how an artist creates something. Picture books were often a tool I used in my classroom when I was teaching art full time to children and I still haven’t been able to give up my collection of beloved books. I love Ezra Jack Keats for his wonderful collages. Here is a little video on him I thought you may enjoy…

I wish to thank my friend and former student for bringing in the books to share. She is part of a new creative community I have started at my studio two tuesday evenings a month. It came about as I found people were craving a dedicated time for their artistry and I happened to have a fabulous space to share. The group is very informal, people bring what they want to work on and I serve as a guide when needed. I have been loving it! It is a small, intimate, safe place for sharing ideas, getting to know new people and allowing time to nurture our passions. Let me know if you are interested in joining us as we would love to have you! I would also love to hear what your favorite picture books are so please do share!

Sending creativity & love your way…Laura

p.s. Our group has been known to bring snacks and share a bottle of vino from time to time…just saying!

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