Vision 5: Series on Home

Tina Vision 5: Home

Dear Laura,

This past weekend I took my boys to the South Carolina State Fair.  It was a good ol’ country time!  I snapped this picture of Aidan as he was feeling the pure joy of swinging in the air and it reminded me how fleeting childhood is.  My husband and I agreed that we have to enjoy every minute with them while they are home, even on the hard days.  I can’t even imagine a day when they do not spend every day with us.  They have become such an integral part of my daily thinking, time, and movement throughout the day.  These two little boys make me feel ‘at home’….or at least that I am doing the right thing with my life.  We are exploring this idea of ‘home’ with these Vision/ReVision’s and it has occurred to me that home is often people. The people we invite to stay awhile and enjoy being with day after day.


Laura Vision 5: Home

Dear Tina,

I came across this quote by John Cage that I thought was interesting: “HOME begins outside”. I have been pondering this and wondered what it meant to you? Outside could really mean anything couldn’t it? Today, in this moment I think it means actively engaging with the world…paying attention to your surroundings and the people you are with. Although I believe it is important for our growth to journey outside ourselves I think we also need to spiral back inward as well. I took this picture in my garden where I find I have a nice balance between the two. I am able explore my surroundings and share it with others yet am able to carve out some quiet time which I value immensly. You can often find me sitting in my adirondack chair during the warmer months, taking time to journal and reflect. Have a good week!

love, Laura

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