ReVision 4: Home

Visions on Home: 4

Laura’s Vision 4
Tina Hirsig 2012



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 ReVisions on Home: 4

 Dear Tina,

I really liked hearing the story about your collection of feathers and how meaningful they are to you. They made me think about the swans that live on the river behind our house. Each year I marvel watching their little family grow. In the fall we see the cynets change from a soft warm grey to a creamy white as they molt their feathers and prepare to migrate for the winter. I am reminded of the circle of life and the seasons changing. The swans are a reminder of my home here on the water.

For my ReVision I took the time to really look at one of the swans feathers. I often see them  floating on the water or by the shore on my walks at Bluff Point but never took the time to collect any. I sketched it, made a stencil and then experimented with a bunch of textures and worked with the positive and negative space. I couldn’t decide which one to send you. Which one do you prefer?

love, Laura

Laura ReVision 4

Dear Laura,

I do miss Fall in the north.  As you wrote about this being a part of how you feel at home, I would agree.  I miss the feeling of cool mornings and watching the bright colors change in the trees.   In the South I have had to appreciate Fall in a different way.  It is more subtle.  The intensity of the summer heat dwindles, yet it is still warm.  I would really like to build a fire in our fireplace or have chili while we watch a football game.  Now, I do not mind come December when we have the most beautiful weather in the country.  Fall here is marked for me by the blooming of the sweetgrasses around town.  Sweetgrass baskets have been a tradition of the local African Americans since they were brought here from West Africa. The process for making these baskets are handed down from generation to generation.  There is no book that will teach you how to make these.  It is common to see a vendor and their family members selling these downtown or along Hwy 17 in Mt. Pleasant.  Take a look at this lovely lady’s baskets to see an example of what I am talking about.  There are many of the grasses growing around town and we planted some in our garden.  When it blooms it appears as a translucent purple because of the numerous tiny delicate seeds.

Last year I was curious about papermaking so tried it out, not too successfully, but I enjoyed the process.  I added some of these purple seeds to the pulp.  I used this paper for this ReVision along with weaving and attaching some of the seeds.  You could probably plant this!  These sweetgrasses remind me of my current home and I always look forward to their bloom each Fall.



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