gratitude is the heart’s memory…

“gratitude is the heart’s memory” mixed media block print, 6 x 6 inches ©laura gaffke 2012

Hello Sweet T & friends!

How was your weekend? I had the most heavenly time with two of my goddess sisters, Brigitte & Michelle. We went to college together and although I see them each often on my own, we hadn’t all been together in years. Throw their peachy husbands in the mix with their sense of humor and quick wit and well, you can guess the ruckus we may have caused. It was a weekend of celebration! Brigitte & Charlie were celebrating their 20 year anniversary (Michelle & I were at they’re wedding all those years ago). We also toasted Brett’s Birthday, had many succulent desserts, including an ice cream cake, lemon squares, magic bars and yummy smores roasted by a blazing fire. We took long walks at Bluff Point, played darts in Brett’s newly built shed, relaxed and as always had many laughs and meaningful conversation. I can hardly stand how full my heart is having such wonderful friends in my life!

After everyone left today I popped over to the studio for an art lesson and some studio time. I have been working on some new pieces I couldn’t wait to get back to. They are for the rapidly approaching show I will be a part of with the Stonington Printmaking Society.  It takes place at the Hygienic Gallery in New London which runs from october 20th- november 17th. The artists opening reception will be October 20th from 5-10pm. I am really looking forward to seeing all the new work from this high caliber, innovative group!

I have been carving some new blocks and experimenting with layering and merging my painting style with printmaking. As you may know my paintings have many layers and often start off with what I consider a “meditative painting”. This is where I try to slow down my busy brain, let go of my ongoing “to do list” and allow the paint lead me. I think of my paintings as a type of gratitude journal and focus on things I am thankful for or something positive I wish to put in the world. From here I build up layers of either paint, collage or both.

The printmaking shows ALWAYS challenge me to work in new ways. For the piece above, “gratitude is the heart’s memory.” I layered my block carvings on top of my meditative painting and then painted around the block prints so the painting would show through.

I then layered textures and printed my funky poppy pods on top. I cut out words and phrases from an old book to make the found poem which became the horizon line in this piece. It reads,

gratitude is the hearts memory

today find a few minutes to get quiet and journey within


I will let you know how the rest of the pieces come out but I have to say I am really pleased with this little painting! If you are local, save the date for the opening reception! Email me if you would like to “stay in the know” for future events or are interested in this painting at Hope you had a nice weekend! Sending all things good your way…love, Laura


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