ReVision 3: series on HOME (98)

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Vision 3: Home

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Tina Hirsig Vision 3






ReVision 3

Notes, in process photos, and the final ta-da….

Hello Sweet T~

I loved seeing the light in your sea grass. BEAUTIFUL! I have to say for as much as I write, walk and attempt to meditate I don’t think I ever thought about an image that quiets my mind. I do however have a special place I go to at every chance I get. Of course this is at the Bluff. I know I have mentioned it to you before, it is in a cove on the rocks by the ocean and there is rarely anyone there. I find it so peaceful listening and watching the waves.

You made me laugh when you said that my mind could give yours a run for its money! SO TRUE! You don’t know me at all! I am always twirling in my mind with ideas. I am slowly letting go of the worry as I am learning it serves no real purpose. For my ReVison I collaged a bunch of papers (many are hand painted) to suggest both the peacefulness I feel at the Bluff as well as my ever moving thoughts. I used quiet blues in contrast with bright color and pattern. The work is about the duality I wrestle with in my daily life between peace and chaos. I am trying to feel at home in both. Hope you are having a good week!

love, Laura


Dear Laura,

Reading your thoughts about your grandmother made me think of my grandma Hirsig.  We used to write letters faithfully to one another while I was in high school, college, and when I first moved out on my own relocating across the country to Boston.  She was a school teacher, world traveler through her church, and always interested in what her grandchildren were up to. I always looked forward to her letters in the mail.  I also have her numerous handwritten travel notebooks (mostly notes about how much gas cost, what they ate, when they washed their hair, and how noisy their hotels were!) and started this week’s ReVision by collaging some of these pages as the background.  My grandfather took numerous pictures of their travels which are now in my possession. I went through them this last week and found this great image of my grandma in a yellow dress with her feet in the sea.  I added some photos of my feet in the South Carolina pluff mud and transferred it over the travel journal pages.  I made this piece of art as a tribute to my grandmother and wanted to thank you for the invitation to remember her.




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