You just never know…serendipity at it’s BEST!

“Serendipitous Beauty” mixed media, 4 x 4 inches *Original available HERE

Sweet T & friends~

I am not sure if I expressed how nervous I was last year participating in Hartford Open Studio’s for the first time but I kind of was. It was all new territory for me and a HUGE learning curve. As prepared as I was I still don’t think I got my lighting right. Well, this year I am determined to make it better! Hartford Open Studio takes place November 10th & 11th from 11-5pm. I am really delighted to be a part of it again.

Taking this leap outside my usual demographic gave me the opportunity to meet and connect with some wonderful artists and meet many new, lovely friends. In addition to this some wonderful opportunities came my way. One was showing my work at Aetna with my friend Joy this summer. Aetna has a wonderful gallery and it was a pleasure to show our work there. While my work was on view I received a surprising email from artist and film maker Justin Wirtalla. He shared this inspiring video he created with two artists, Jean-Paul Jacquet & Bud Cook. It SO reminded me of Tina & I. These artists are AWESOME and it was really thrilling to hear them talk about their work and see there process. Although Tina & I don’t have a video of our work we have a similar process and I think you will appreciate how thoughtful, enriching and incredibly time consuming collaboration can be. I loved how they talked about how they were doing it for themselves rather than a pretty picture to hang over a couch. They mentioned their intention being quite meaningful which resonated with me as this is something Tina and I value deeply. Tina, can you see a video in the future?

Another wonderful thing came from the Hartford show. I was invited to show my work at the Simsbury LIbrary this past October. I got to meet Susan Prentice who was showing her work at the Library the same month. I loved her from the moment I met her and am quite partial to her whimsical chicken paintings. She shared my work with an artist friend of hers, Gail Mardfin who lives in New Jersey. Susan thought we had a similar aesthetic and intention behind our work. It became clear to me that she was right after I visited Gail’s website which is called, “See the good” if you can imagine! So up my alley, right? These are the moments I believe the Universe is working in my favor, somehow guiding me and letting me know I am on the right path. For this I am unbelievably grateful. Here is to serendipity and following your dreams! Hope to see you next weekend in Hartford! You can find me with Joy on the first floor.

Take care, love, Laura

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3 thoughts on “You just never know…serendipity at it’s BEST!

  1. What I really liked about that video was at the end where one of them says that the process of collaboration has changed their own individual work. I would definitely agree with that. Working collaboratively opens up ideas, materials, and processes I would not have pushed myself to do otherwise. I am so grateful!

    Good luck at the Hartford Open Studios this weekend! ~Tina~

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