Vision 3: Series on Home

Tina’s Vision 3

Dear Laura,

The marsh here in South Carolina is a place that has a magical, calming quality.  I felt it the first day we visited here ten years ago when we were thinking about moving here.  The way these grasses wave in the wind and water is an image I visualize when I am trying to quiet my mind.  I think these things we do to cope with life’s up and downs are what bring us comfort and make us feel at home.  I wonder if you visualize an image when seeking a quiet, calm place.  I know your mind can give mine a run for it’s money with worry and to-do lists!

Enjoy your week,  Tina

©laura gaffke 2012

Dear Tina,

I have a collection of old suitcases and boxes stacked in my bedroom. They don’t hold much anymore except for memories I cherish of the people who gave them to me. My favorite one is from my grandmother. It is a simple wooden, honey colored jewelry box with gold hinges. I get nostalgic every time I see it wishing she was still here. I remember being fascinated with her big, clip on earrings from the 50’s. She had style, flair, and a fierce spirit that I hold deep in my heart that feels very much at home. It is amazing how a little wooden box can remind you of where you have been….



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