ReVision 2: Home

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Our Vision #2

Tina's Vision #2
Tina’s Vision #2
Laura's Vision #2
Laura’s Vision #2






Tina’s ReVision #2

Tina Hirsig 2012Dear Laura,

Your Vision post had me thinking the past ten days about time spent with good friends.  I believe we are lucky to have a few good friends that will listen to us in this life time.  This listening takes time.  Time to sit with one another and ignore all the emails, to-do lists, work and family obligations, house chores, etc.  I drew these two chairs to represent this time.  I picked the chairs from this book I have that has photos of chairs through time.  I chose the rocker for me because I have always enjoyed that feeling of being in a rocker ever since I was young.  The other chair looked like one you would pick because of it’s comfort and unique style (it is white with a red seat and part of a garden set!).  I decided, rather than draw these with value and realism, to create a negative space by drawing the lines in the background. I felt that I wanted to somehow represent the connection to one another while sitting in conversation.  I hope you enjoy it when it comes in the mail!


Laura’s ReVision 2

Dear Tina,

I was thinking about how looking at the sky calms you. Sometimes it overwhelms me in it’s vastness, stretching so far to places I probably will never reach (at least in this lifetime). We are each so vast and unique in our thinking and perceptions of the world, aren’t we? I believe the one thing that connects us is LOVE. It is universal and something I wish we all experience in whatever form it comes. Sending my love of color, nature and whimsy your way.

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