What to tailgating & ART have in common?

Our view at the Kenny Chesney concert! Can you find me?

Dear Tina & friends,

I recently went to see Kenny Chesney & Tim McGraw with Brett & our awesome neighbors. What an AMAZING time! We tailgated before the show which I haven’t done since my last Jimmy Buffett concert. As I was packing up my artwork after RAW I couldn’t help thinking about all the musicians on tour like Kenny, Tim & Jimmy doing what they love. Even though it may be difficult being away from their homes and living on the road they do it because their music is their PASSION and they wish to share it with the world.

This is how I felt sharing my work at RAW. I hadn’t been in a bar atmosphere like the Russian Lady in years and wasn’t really sure what to expect from this venue. It turned out to be great! I felt honored to be a part of such an innovative collaboration and given the opportunity to share my work with a whole new audience.


This venue was SO DARK so my apologies for how terrible all these pictures came out!

my booth at RAW

I was overwhelmed by how many people made the trek to Hartford! SO many wonderful friends came out to support me and I felt unbelievably loved! Below are my “homegirls” who helped me rock the night!

“my posse”: Krissy Rochelle, me, Sarah Acaveda & Sue Thomas
EVERY picture came out blurry! Can you imagine us not blurry?

I met so many amazingly talented artists including Ms. Kate who makes the most beautifully detailed necklaces which you can see in her shop.

I was super inspired by Tania Palermo’s work as well. Her photography is amazingly engaging, ethereal and thought provoking. I just love it! You can see more of her work HERE. There truly was something for everyone even my husband and his friend both bought tee shirts from Stock Boy designs. You can see all of the other artists as well as my artist profile HERE.

It was a non-stop magical night, alive with music, six fashion shows, fire dancers, roof top deck dancing, a vodka bar that would knock your socks off with the different varieties of infused vodka (I have to admit I tried the swedish fish vodka and LOVED it!~YUM!)

stage where they had all the fashion shows and music performances

I am still in awe of this night thinking back to my “rockstar” moment and welcome this kind of creativity, energy and adventure into my life as I stretch beyond the comfort of my studio. I wonder if this is how Kenny, Tim & Jimmy felt at the beginning of their careers…

Next up the “RAW Art Awards”! Details to come!


p.s. I saw a special on Kenny Chesney a while back and he talked about how he goes to the farthest seat at every concert and imagines what it would be like to be that person sitting there. It is his intention to reach EVERY person with his music. I loved hearing this and always want to be this thoughtful with sharing my work. Here is to music, tailgaiting and ART!

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2 thoughts on “What to tailgating & ART have in common?

  1. Hello Laura!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment; don’t worry about the typos – they happend to everyone! ;)

    I will be peeking at your collaboration and your postcard art, since I love mail art!

    The Creative Beast

  2. Hi Monica!
    I love your blog and everything that you are doing! Thank you for stopping by! YES to mail art! Cheery Smiles your way…Laura

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