Vision 2: Series on Home

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Tina's Vision #2Dear Laura,

Looking at the clouds has always been a peaceful venture for me during my days of usual chaos.  There is something about looking at a part of the world that has remained pretty much the same over the history of our planet that gives me a sense of home.  It makes me realize the place my life has in it (which is pretty darn small) and that it will continue on for many years to come.  When I observe the clouds I have this feeling of calmness in my chest…like I just took a deep breath.  It is hard to explain with words.   My Vision of home this week is a slice of the South Carolina sky.


Dear Tina,

I had the most magical weekend with some of my oldest, closest and dearest NH friends. I don’t always get to see them and it is rare that we are all together at the same time. This made for a magical weekend of laughter, stories and the ease of friends who have seen you at your best and worst and love you no matter what. Brett & I had visions of taking them out to the beach, relaxing in the sweet sunshine and enjoying a few seaside cocktails. As it turned out everyone was content just kicking back and catching up on our back deck not wanting to go anywhere. It was perfect. My friend Chris wanted to do something special for us and made a wonderful dinner for everyone which I appreciated immensely since as you know I am not the best cook! I decided to move dinner outside to the garden to make it more special and aside from the wind blowing all my candles out it was a fitting atmosphere. They say love is in the details and for me this, combined with the company of good friends is what makes me feel most at home.

love ya my good friend!



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2 thoughts on “Vision 2: Series on Home

  1. I took that deep breath with you Tina as I read your post….I’m getting Laura hurricane lamps for Christmas ;)

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